greening the Easter basket

by babhoyersh on April 23, 2011

Y6ZDYXGMS5CMAs I get my head back into the Real Food arena for my family, I decided to make a strong effort to green our Easter baskets this year. Normally, I go with jelly beans, peeps, some chocolate, and a few small spring toys. This time, I switched to healthier options for the food and increased the number of toys or other presents in the baskets. Next year, I’ll start working on collecting the toys and presents a little earlier.

For the food, I picked up small milk chocolate candy bars and “healthy” candy at Trader Joe’s in Media and individually-wrapped Milano cookies (not perfect!), Goldfish (again, not perfect!) and Annie’s Organic Bunny Candy at Target. I have to admit I almost put jelly beans in my basket, but I put them back. We’ll be at an Easter egg hunt organized by extended family on Sunday; I know my kids will be getting jelly beans in their eggs.

For the non-food items, I first went to Five Below in Springfield which is one of my favorite places to shop for stocking stuffers at Christmas time. I can always find Lego toys, electronic accessories, art supplies, or board games, for $5 or less. This time, I found small boxed Lego sets, Lego figures,  K’Nex sets, and Playmobil figures for the young boys, 2 pairs of gardening gloves for my young helpers, and a frizbee for my teenager. I bought the K’Nex and set them aside for Christmas.

At Target, I found lots of cool stuff in the dollar section, but I had a limited budget at that point. I did pick up small spray bottles shaped like butterflies for my youngest children. They can spray each other when it’s hot outside.

Did you green your Easter basket this year?

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