how to steam juice fruits or veggies

by babhoyersh on June 1, 2011

A few years ago, after we started growing raspberries, we realized that we just didn’t like seeds in our raspberry jam. The jam was great; the seeds were not. After some research, my husband and I decided to buy a . Not only could we juice the raspberries and make jelly, we could also juice our concord grapes to make grape jelly.

steam juicer on stoveLast week, as I worked on cleaning out last year’s garden harvest in the freezer, I decided to juice the remaining quart bags of raspberries. I had 7 bags left. Even though I pulled the bags out the night before, they weren’t completely defrosted by the time I started at 8:30 in the morning. This was fine.

The raspberries go into the food basket at the top of the steam juicer, just under the lid. Under the basket is the juice kettle. This holds the juice while the raspberries are steamed. There’s a funnel in the middle of the juice kettle that allows the steam to go up to the food basket. The water pan at the bottom holds the water as it is heated. Always keep the water pan 3/4′s full.

clamping the line from the steam juicerComing out of the juice kettle is the tube which drains into a large pot. While steaming the raspberries, I clamp the tube until it is time to drain the juice. However, this clamp always leaks which is why I have the tube going into a pot next to the steam juicer.

steam juicer draining into potOnce the hour for steaming is over, it’s time to drain the juice from the juice kettle. I transfer the tube and clamp over to a stockpot sitting on the kitchen table next to the stove, and release the clamp. Gravity does it work until the juice kettle is almost drained. This time I didn’t need the stockpot, but I have underestimated the amount of juice in the past, and had to quickly switch to another pot to finishing draining the juice kettle.

Once the juice is drained, I can the juice in quart jars using a . According to the steam juicer directions, one could bottle the juice, but I don’t have the right bottles. I also use my juice for making jelly or kombucha, not drinking directly.

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Swathi June 4, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Nice tips, thanks for sharing with hearth and soul hop.
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