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headshot_300Welcome! My name is Barb, and I’m a mom of 5 kids who is attempting to recover from being a moderately Type A personality while being the best mom and wife I can.

I’ve always tried to shove as much as possible into every minute, and that’s not working anymore. I originally wrote at My Daily Round starting in 2007; however I changed my bloggy name to A Life in Balance this year as I began to realize how unbalanced my life was.

As a mom of 5, frugality, planning, and good nutrition are at the heart of what I do every single day. With a teenager in the house, and a 7 year eating almost as much as his older brother, I have to stretch my time and my husband’s paycheck as much as possible. Being an avid gardener for almost 20 years, I spend most of the summer canning, picking vegetables, and talking about my garden here.

I’m always looking for ways to better organize my home to meet my family’s needs and budget while blessing others with the items we don’t need anymore. Not to mention I’m an avid thrifter! I heart Goodwill!

I’ve always been a writer, and I still have many of my journals from my childhood. I also have almost all the photos I’ve ever taken. Writing is a way for me to document my day and make sense of what I’ve gone through, and what I’m going through now. Motherhood isn’t easy, and we all have a story to share and ways to deal with what life hands us. I hope you’ll share some of your story her.

You can find me in so many places – , , , and . Please feel free to with questions or suggestions for posts.

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