moving furniture around

by babhoyersh on August 20, 2010

One of the cheapest, actually the cheapest, decorating tool is moving around the furniture that you already have.

Let’s face it. Needs change. Rooms need perking up. Tastes change.

Start with what you already have and use it to make the spaces in your home new.

This cabinet, now in our living room, used to be in my office. It’s a big, dark cabinet, and it made my office feel cramped.

My oldest son and I took it apart and moved the very heavy pieces to the living room, and put everything back in the cabinet. I didn’t gain any storage in the living room, but it feels more finished. I’m planning on putting a basket on top of the cabinet when I do my fall decorating.

This is where the cabinet used to be. I moved this bookcase from one wall to another. At some point, I’m going to declutter the bookcase, but not right now. I gained some wall space, but I need to do some paint touch ups before hanging anything.

My plan is to hang a weekly wipe-off board for writing out my blogging and Shaklee plans.

Would I like things to look more coordinated? Sure! That filing cabinet would look better painted blue, and the brown bookcase has stars stuck to it, and water damage on top. But, it works for now unless I find something free or cheap to replace it.

The light-colored bookcase now sits where the brown bookcase used to be. That light-colored one was in the corner of the living room where the cabinet was; previously it lived in our master bedroom.

Again, I gained some wall space. I’d like to hang a bulletin board here for my goals. My son has one in his room that he has decided not to use. I can spray paint it or cover it with fabric.

My last change in the office was to take the bags that were hanging on the back of the door in the picture and put them in the closet. I may end up putting them under the table, but for now, the door doesn’t stick out as much. This makes the office feel more spacious, too.

This post is part of Frugal Friday at Life as Mom. Today’s post is about choosing wisely.


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