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by babhoyersh on August 20, 2010

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1. A seven-person household has a lot of stuff, especially if said household wants to live frugally and impact the environment as little as possible. I have visions of the house breathing a sigh of relief as I declutter this week and lighten the load on the different floors. Maybe I’m just goofy.

2. This is my favorite quote right now:

Easy reading is damn hard writing. – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Did he have to deal with four of five kids walking into the office every time I’m in the middle of a GREAT THOUGHT that needs to be written down? Or, screams as young children express their frustration over someone else taking their toys? Or, the three year old who needs a snack? Truly, some days I feel like sweat, blood, and tears are poured into the words. And yes, I’m complaining, and then I’ll complain later when they’re out doing their adult things because the house is too quiet. I’m only human.

3. I love, love, love my new cell phone! And, I am so glad that I dropped Virgin Mobile. Trying to get through their system to cancel the service was an incredible journey. I was ready to throw the phone at the wall. There was no option to talk to a human being! That is not customer service.

However, I am very happy with Verizon Wireless and the LG Ally. This phone wasn’t my first choice since I wanted a phone with a good camera, but this camera works fine. I do hope the novelty of hearing e-mail notifications wears off for my kids soon. I hope the novelty of having a video camera doesn’t wear off. I just need to figure out how to play the videos elsewhere.

4. I have two gallons of raw milk in my fridge which I need to use for something. I found the raw milk at a produce stand in Lancaster County yesterday. When I asked if they sell raw milk, the Amish teenager said sure, it’s $3.50/gallon. I don’t think my mouth dropped open. I hope that it didn’t. I snagged both gallons that he had left, plus apples, peaches, and 3 dozen eggs. I am currently plotting how to make a regular stop at this produce stand which happens to be 45 minutes from my home.

5. Here’s the sum total of yesterday’s trip to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum:

  • The almost five year old pooped in his underwear at the museum. He also pooped in the pullup I put on him because who would bring new underwear for an almost five year old going to preschool this fall?
  • The teenager had a fit about getting his picture taken and disappeared for the rest of the visit. Since I am his ride home, I didn’t have a fit.
  • The three and a half year old and two year old dumped boxes from the junk drawer in the afternoon, and the almost five year old was probably involved, too.
  • The two year old dumped the party supplies, also in the afternoon.
  • He dumped the beans onto the cutting board and dropped them on the floor on purpose while my six year old was prepping them for steaming and freezing.
  • After dinner while the youngest four were brushing their teeth, the two year old also dumped my make up remover down the drain and 3/4 of my toner.

6. The Helping song from Free To Be You and Me has been running through my head. Did you know that Tom Smothers sang the song? I didn’t know that. I’ll have to track down a YouTube clip and listen.

7. Paid for – I’ve been crowing about this all morning!



Mary August 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm

I've had days like that. Poop in the underwear is bad enough, but away from home! Bless you, my dear!

Raw milk? What exactly do you do with it? Can you drink it or do you have to cook with it? Curious.

Barb August 21, 2010 at 9:10 am

One can drink raw milk. The taste varies with the season, i.e. whatever the cows are eating in the pasture. Lots of people use it to make fermented dairy foods like yogurt, creme fraiche, buttermilk, and cheese. Unlike conventional milk, when raw milk sours, it can be used easily in foods like pancakes.

It's also expensive which is why I was so excited to find a gallon for only $3.50. I haven't bought a quart of raw milk in a long time, but I think that was $3 something, maybe $4.

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