sourdough english muffins

by babhoyersh on April 26, 2010

One of my goals this week is to get back into soaking my grains before using them in baked goods, or using my sourdough starter to make something. Then, I found this supposedly super simple sourdough English muffins.

They were easy to make. The batter makes up 8 muffins. It’s mixed the night before and then needs only one rising the following day before cooking the muffins on a griddle. I fit six on my griddle.

The final product looked just like a whole wheat English muffin from Trader Joe’s and tasted just as good. Since this was my first batch, I discovered a little late that I needed to turn the heat down a bit on the griddle to cook the inside better. I ended up putting these in the oven, while I was baking a pound cake, for five minutes, though ten would have been better.

Even though these are a sourdough batter, the taste was very mild. I have no doubt that my kids will like these.

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