zero waste update for august: electronic planners

by babhoyersh on August 10, 2011

I’m well over due for an update on my Zero Waste Project!

Back in July, I spent time working on my kitchen and basement until the tomatoes started ripening and I had to put the project on hold in order not to waste the food coming in from my garden. I took one pile of stuff to Goodwill, but I still have a pile of clothes and toys to go through and match up before donating them.

In the office, I’ve gotten into the groove of using electronic planners again and enjoying them. Briefly, here is how I use 3 electronic planning programs:

  • ToodledoThis keeps my repeating daily list of reminders for my home, and eventually I will put my zone cleaning lists into this program. If I need to, I can email a task to Toodledo complete with information for categorizing the task.
  • Springpad- This program, available online like Toodleo, has worked reasonably well for my meal planning, recipes, and projects. One drawback to the program is the lack of an option to repeat tasks on a regular basis.
    • Like Toodledo, I can email tasks to Springpad using tags. I can also share things with Facebook and Twitter though I haven’t chosen to do that yet.
    • Another feature I’ve yet to use is the ability to scan barcodes for items and save the information in Springpad.
    • One last feature for Springpad that I just started using is integrating my tasks into my Google calendar. I can only mark the tasks as done in Springpad, not the Google calendar.
  • Franklin Covey- A standalone program, I used Franklin Covey for years when I was working, and then at home for a few years. I use FC on my laptop for my blogging.I have the view set up with repeating and non-repeating daily tasks, the calendar for the day, and the daily notes.
    • The daily tasks are self-explanatory, and a feature I love because I can always move a non-repeating task forward a day if I don’t get to it.
    • I use the calendar as an editorial calendar with the blog carnivals I participate in set up as repeating appointments. I keep the url for each carnival within the appointment to save time when I’m writing posts.
    • The daily notes are a reminder to participate in Facebook, Twitter, commenting, StumbleUpon, my Tumblr blog, and Pinterest on a daily basis.

In addition, I use Evernote to keep a running grocery list which I can access on my phone when I’m at the store, along with keeping notes, research, and rough drafts of blogging posts.

Once the kids go back to school in September, I plan to spend a little time playing around with the features in these three programs to help me stay organized and paper-free.

Do you use electronic planners for your home and work? If so, share your favorites in the comments.

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